Date: 28 to 02 July 2023


Join Choirs from all over the world in Torun Poland at the Per Musicam Ad Astra Inern. Copernicus Choir Festival and Competition

About the Event

Poland plays host to the Per Musicam Ad Astra International Copernicus Choir Competition & Festival, Torun, Poland.  The festival takes place in Poland attracts choirs from all corners of the globe who come to take part in the festivities.  The festival begins on the Wednesday as choirs begin to arrive and then continues throughout the week with a variety of choral activities. The festival is organised by Meeting Music and is one of a range of Meeting Music festivals offered throughout Europe.
Perform before an international panel of qualified international jurors
Receive valuable feedback from the jury during the evaluation performance which takes place before the competition
Compete for a cash prize and awards.
Meet choirs from around the world at the International Copernicus Choir Competition & Festival.
The festival is a 4-night stay which begins with an afternoon parade on the Wednesday afternoon as well as a reception which is attended by the Jury members and Choir conductors.  In the evening, the festival opening concert takes place.   Activities continue throughout the weekend and each itinerary is tailored to the individual choirs’ requirements. This event takes place every year.
Choirs have the option of participating in the non-competitive festival category and singling purely for pleasure or participating in one of the Competitive categories.
In addition to the competing and singing in the festival, choirs also have the opportunity for individual coaching, friendship concerts with local Polsih host choirs, and accompanied stage rehearsal for competing choirs. Each day of this choral is filled with music opportunities and sightseeing.
Poland has received the arrival of national Opera around thirty years ago, after it had been born in Florence.


Performance Information

EP - C Evaluation Performance | for Competing Choirs
Choirs that choose to participate to the event without competing will take part in the following activities:
EP - F Evaluation Performance | for Festival Choirs (non-competing)
IC Individual Coaching | for all choirs
VT Voice Training | for all choirs
FC meeting in music Friendship Concerts | for all choirs
Participate in one of the Competitive Categories
Competitive participation
A – with requirements
(A1 – Mixed Choirs; A2 – Male Choirs; A3 – Female
B – without requirements
(B1 – Mixed Choirs; B2 – Male Choirs; B3 – Female
Choirs; B4 – Senior Choirs)
G – Children and Youth Choirs
(G1 – Children Choirs; G2 – Youth Choirs of equal
voices; G3 – Youth Choirs of mixed voices)
S – Musica Sacra
F – Folklore
P – Pop & Jazz

The Activities

EP - F Evaluation Performance | for Festival Choirs (non-competing)
• three (3) pieces of the choir’s own choice
• perform before a panel of qualified international jurors who provide prompt positive artistic and pedagogical feedback
• certificates of participation are awarded, as well as evaluation ratings and recommendation letters upon request
Number of singers unlimited
Singing time maximum 15 minutes
Accompaniment allowed
EP - C Evaluation Performance | for Competing Choirs
• present your competition programme before the competition
• perform before a panel of qualified international jurors who provide prompt positive artistic and pedagogical feedback
• evaluation will not influence competition results
Number of singers according to category rules
Singing time according to category rules
Accompaniment according to category rules
IC Individual Coaching | for all choirs
Rehearse with an internationally acclaimed choral expert for stimulating artistic and interpretive guidance. For an effective rehearsal, choirs are asked to prepare one piece in advance.
Number of singers unlimited
Coaching time approx. 45 minutes
VT Voice Training | for all choirs
The workshop held by Krzysztof Szydzisz is an excellent opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and skills of a world rank expert in choral singing; particularly in the range that is of your choir’s greatest interest and demand (be it vocal technique, sound or interpretation) and will allow for your further development and greater joy of singing.
FC meeting in music Friendship Concerts | for all choirs
Perform in concerts together with other international choirs. Friendship Concerts give choirs the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and to provide enjoyable entertainment and time in a friendly atmosphere. We advise you to select your programme in this spirit. Choirs may opt to participate in Friendship Concerts ONLY.
Number of singers unlimited
Singing time maximum 20 minutes
Accompaniment allowed (piano or e-piano can be provided upon request)

Sample Itinerary

Day 1
  • Arrival at airport
  • Reception for conductors & Jury
  • Opening concert
Day 2
  • Stage Rehearsals & Competition Performances
Day 3
  • Stage Rehearsals & Competition Performances
Day 4
  • Conductors & Jury Meeting
  • Grand Prize Competition & Award Ceremony
Day 5
  • Departure or prolongation of the stay
  • This sample itinerary is for information purposes only.
  • All final itineraries are tailored to individual choirs’ requirements.

Your festival ground arrangements include the following:

4 nights in choice of hotel with breakfast included
Dinner in hotel on four evenings
Return airport transfer with pick-up at airport meeting point with sign
Participation in your chosen competition categories and activities
Scheduled stage rehearsal(s) for your choir
Complimentary copy of juror’s evaluation documents, 1 per choir
Complimentary copies of the official programme book
Preparation of your choir’s specific itinerary
Participation in one meeting in music concert with other choirs (Friendship concert)
Participation in the Opening, Award and Closing Ceremonies
Competent assistance and support on-site from our international & local team
Conductors & Jury Meeting:
Reception for two choir representatives with a small buffet
One to one discussion with the jury members - this is a valuable opportunity to have your programme reviewed and discussed!
Free place on the ground for choir director

Transportation while in Poland

Choirs usually make their way around the region with the local guide via public transport. However, we can arrange coach transportation for your group as

Flights Options

Once you enquire with CCI you will be given your own dedicated festival planner, and this planner will also assist you with the booking of flights for your group. Choir Contact experienced travel consultants are able to advise you on the most appropriate flight options and will advise best fares at time of booking. We use the most up-to-date modern technology for searching best fares including low cost carriers, allowing us to book you the best flights at the best fares for a fully co-ordinated service. We use both low-cost internet fares and our long-standing relationships with other carries to ensure that we can secure the best travel option for your choir. We will advise you on luggage allowance and all details relating to your flight booking. Travel Insurance CCI recommend that all travellers take out travel insurance at the time of booking.

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