10th Krakow Advent Choir Festival: 6th-8th December 2019

General information

3 days and 2 nights
Poland (Krakow)
Ireland (Dublin)


10th Krakow Advent Choir Festival

For Choirs and Orchestras

6th - 8th December 2019

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For all kinds of choirs. Competition in 6 categories for the statuettes of “Golden Angels” or non-competitive participation. The biggest  Advent Festival in Poland


A. Mixed Choirs Adults – minimum 20 singers
B. Male & Female Choirs – minimum 16 singers
C. Youth Choirs – singers 13–19 years – minimum 20 singers
D. Children Choirs – singers under 15 years – minimum 20 singers
E. Chamber Choirs (no age limits) – 12–24 singers
S. Senior Choirs – minimum 16 singers (60% of singers older than 60 years old)
F. Non-competitive choirs

Registration deadline: 30th June 201