Sing Berlin! International Choir Festival & Competition

General information

4 days and 3 nights
Germany (Berlin)
Ireland (Dublin)


Sing Berlin!

For Choirs and Orchestras

24th - 28th June 2020

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01 888 7830 or email

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I. Category choice
Choirs can participate in Category A or B or G. Participation in categories S, M is open to all choirs.
When choosing the category please, keep in sight your choir’s previous experience, results, capabilities in
performances at home and abroad. Choirs with more experience in the international choral scene, at a
higher grade of vocal and musical training, choirs of music schools and conservatories are advised to sign
up for A categories.
Choirs with less experience, with a less frequent rehearsal praxis or more limited rehearsal possibilities or
recently founded choirs regardless of the number of singers are advised to sign up for B categories. Category
B4 is recommended for choirs and singers with a long-time singing experience and membership.
UMBRELLA Categories S – Musica Sacra, M – Modern Music or even A4 – Chamber Choirs
All the choirs are competing in the same category independently of their type and genre of programme. In
these categories, the jury has the right to give an award for choir’s due to their type or genre (like best Jazz
Choir of Category M, or Best Male choir in Category S). These awards are equal to the Award of the category
winner. In case these choirs achieve a result of more than 23 points, they can be nominated to take part in
the Grand Prize Competition.
II. Programme choice
When choosing the pieces, you are kindly advised to carefully consider the whole structure of the programme. Try to set up a well-balanced order of the pieces considering the dramaturgy and the different
musical characters. We advise to select pieces which best reflect the choir’s knowledge, the singers abilities,
eventually their national choral traditions and the age group of singers.
The organisers are happy to help you in your category and programme’s choice. Do not hesitate to contact