Costa Barcelona Music Festival: 29 April - 03 May 2020

General information

5 days and 4 nights
Spain (Barcelona)
Ireland (Dublin)



Some attractions of this Catalonian region are its long, fine-sand beaches, the sea and its crystal-clear water holding in its depths an underwater paradise, and nature reserves with untouched landscapes in every shade of green. Bays among the rocks, beautiful old towns and an appealing climate make Calella a exceptional place. The area surrounding Calella, located between Barcelona and Girona, is famed for its historic and artistic legacy. This region has been a home and inspiration for such figures as Montserrat Caballe, the world-famed opera singer, the artist Salvador Dali, or the architect Antoni Gaudi. Concerts of the Costa Barcelona Music Festival make the holiday atmosphere richer with new musical accents.


Condition of participation:
performance of a free program 30-45 min.

Example for the festival course:

1st day: arrival
2nd day:participation in the festival parade and in the concert of all ensembles,
visit to a festival concert
3rd day: meeting with conductors, rehearsal and participation in the festival concert
4th day: visit to a festival concert
5th day: departure
Alternatively, a 4-day stay is possible, too.

The above outline of the festival is to serve only as an example. The number of concerts in the festival will depend on the number and type of choirs and orchestras participating.

There will be plenty of time between rehearsals and concerts for tourist leisure activities and for talking with other festival participants.

organization and implementation of the festival
participation in the festival parade
participation in the concert of all ensembles
participation in the festival concert with rehearsal in a concert hall
one souvenir folder per ensemble with posters and programs
accommodation, half-board (breakfast and dinner) at a hotel by requested category
free participation and accommodation of the conductor
Additional offers that can be booked:
bus for transfers and trips in Spain
city tour in Barcelona
trip to Benedictine abbey Santa Maria de Montserrat
city tour in Girona

To start with, we ask you to complete the inquiry form.
Then we will send you further details regarding costs of participation.

Deadline for applications:

However, we recommend booking as early as possible, as the number of participants is limited.